Part 2: Steps to Manifesting Financial Abundance!

The Universe wants you to be financially free and abundant in all areas of your life. It  is always supporting you in making this a reality. So it really doesn’t matter how the economy is doing, or how long you’ve been struggling financially, it’s more about the energy and vibration you’re sending out into the Universe today!

In Part 2  for Manifesting Financial Abundance we are talking about:

4. Take Massive Inspired Action
The Law of Attraction applies to your physical actions as well as to your emotional and mental state of being. Every action you take sends out an energetic vibration into the world.The higher your energy vibration toward our desire – the faster is the manifestation.

This energeticvibration is directly linked to the types of things you manifest or don’t manifest into your life. When you take actions from an inspired thought, you send out positive expansive energy which magnetizes even more of what you desire. Engaging in consistent inspired actions throughout your day will create a momentum of powerful manifesting energy, which will quickly materialize into the financial abundance you desire.

So today, take a moment to tune into your heart and mine and find out what it is really excited and inspired to do! Realize how your Emotional Guidance System react to it. If you feel good you be right on target to manifest your desire. Start with that first action step that truly inspires you , and then add on another one. You will soon see an inspired momentum of energy take over you which will catapult you forwarded into the financial abundance you are seeking.

5. Let go of Attachment to the Outcome of your Actions
The golden secret to manifesting financial success is gently holding your attention on the FEELING of receiving financial abundance. Let the Universe work on HOW it will happen. The idea of needing financial abundance means that it’s not available here now and implies to the Law of Attraction that your are NOT wanting it.

When you take actions from an inspired place AND are detached from any outcome, you allow the Universe to completely and utterly support your manifestation. You stop hoping that your inspired actions create future outcomes and are truly ENJOY your life here now. This makes you into a Manifesting Magnet! Detachment enables you to be fully open and receptive, which in turn attracts new opportunities and people to you. So just have fun taking inspired actions, and see what amazing surprises the Universe will send your way!

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