Major Google algo update is coming !

Major Google algo update is coming.Get your site ready for Penguin 2.0
a few weeks left to get your site ready for Penguin 2.0.

Another version of Google’s major Penguin update is coming in weeks.
That’s now officially confirmed, so you have to get your website ready.

When launched last time, the update affected not only black-hat,
but also legitimate sites, with many of them unable to recover their
rankings even now.

And as the new update is said to be even harder, we recommend you
follow these 8 steps to make sure your site goes through the new
wave of Penguin unaffected:

Save your rankings in the coming Penguin 2.0

First and foremost, Penguin update combats spammy and low-quality backlinks.

The new Penguin version is expected to use even more sophisticated techniques
to spot spammy links in your backlink profile, so even if your backlinks seem
quite OK for Google right now, you’d better run another thorough audit before
Penguin 2.0 arrives.

So the first thing to do now is to analyze your site’s backlinks, identifying
any potentially spammy links and getting rid of them before the update.

The basic rule here is to avoid backlinks that come from sites built exclusively
for the purpose of SEO.

Use overly-optimized anchor text come from adult or other “bad neighborhood” websites.
Come from sites that are irrelevant to your own.

You can download your FREE version right here:

Be “A Rockstar” In YOUR Profession !!

Bridget Schlattner



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