What Does It Takes For An Online Business To Be A Sterling Success?

What do you know about your business?..

If you are new to running a business, and have been working the 9-5 job grind, the thought of running an online business can be overwhelming to think about. However, it doesn’t need not be a burden to a newbie who is trying to figure out where to start.

Every successful online business started with building a list.  Having a list is the bread and butter of the business. And as the say “The money is in the List.”


Before you initiate any efforts to get started, know what is involved in your online business. I believe many make the mistake of trying to get started in their business before they know what is involved. It is important to be realistic.

What do you think it takes to be successful in marketing?  This is another subject you have to consider. In any business you need a marketing strategy, but before you can market your business you need to have subscribers to market it to!

Again, research is in order to find out the information you need.   There are certain skills to master before running a successful online business.  Also, it would be a good idea to read books or take courses on the niche you are thinking about. Again, marketing and researching your competition is a good idea too.
If you  want to create a list full of targeted prospects and you are marketing on IBO – your target market is another network marketer or entrepreneur, right?  And we know that 97% of them are not making money and they are looking for someone to teach them how to make money online.

I love to help you become that person who can teach other network marketers and entrepreneurs how to make money online. I will teach you how to build a list and how to create solid, long term relationships with your list members. That will grow YOUR business.

Then you will be able to  teach those people how to build THEIR lists which will grow their business…..that will grow YOUR business even more! Having a list full of targeted, responsive prospects and creating solid, long term relationships with your list members is the “secret” to building a profitable online business.

So click HERE and :

Download my free eBook titled “It’s All In The List” which provides an excellent
overview of the list building process. Download the eBook here:


That will also register you for my free 11 part training series, which will teach you exactly how to get targeted  responsive prospects to join your list. I will give you the very same letters I use to teach people how to set up their own list building system, and I will teach you how to create trusting relationships with your list members…..which will grow your business!

Download the free eBook now:  http://ibourl.com/1nuv

Your Partner In Success,
Bridget Schlattner


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