Would YOU Want This APP?

WHAAAATTT?!?!? Over 500 people with over 36 countries in less than 12 hours —
just in our network!!! Can you say VIRAL? LMAO!

Do NOT wait… get in now… ask me and I’ll send you an invite!! 😉

Would you wnt That APP

By now… you may know we  have been heavily involved in launching a
new mobile app project. This project has just opened up and I just found out that
I’m part of a team with over 500 people in 36 countries in LESS THAN 12 HOURS!

I just unlocked the Compensation Plan video in the back office this morning and
HOLY COW… wait til you see how this thing will pay you back! YOU’RE GONNA SCREAM

We’ve been giving limited number of invitations to share and need to share to
people who are ready, right now, to accept and complete the application… as
an incomplete app will hold up the next phase. The app (and sharing the app)
is A GAME… SO WE HAVE TO PLAY BY THE RULES. Are you ready to play?!?!? If so,
let one of us know so we can get you started right now!! It takes less than
5 minutes…

Check it out (for free). All you have to do is reply to  teamsuccess1845@gmail.com

and let us know you want to see what we have!

Our team has put 500 people into the system in less than 12 hours. Who do you
know and how far is your RIPPLE is going to extend?! 🙂

Don’t wait ! The internet marketing community is ALL IN and YOU WILL GET ASKED
by a dozen people by the end of the week! LOL! ~ Jodi G. ~

To Your Success,

Bridget Schlattner


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