DIY – SEO for Beginners

You may want to perform SEO services on your website by yourself but do not know how to get started. You probably have always wanted to get involved more with SEO but simply do not have the time. Unfortunately this is usually caused by the misconception that SEO is easy to implement and does not take a lot of experience. Even though SEO does require experience and time there are several options out there to start doing SEO on your own and be successful.

Option 1: Become an SEO Expert

This is the hardest path to take to implement SEO on your website while yielding the greatest personal satisfaction. You will want to start by spending lots of time reading books and online articles to catch up on the latest SEO trends, practices, and methods. Next you should start experimenting with different methods you learn about, analyze the results, and change your website again. This is the continual learning process of search engine optimization and takes a great amount of time, energy, patience, and resources. However after several months when you start to realize the benefits of your work it will yield a great deal of satisfaction.

This option is recommended for those if you want to start offering SEO services as a part of your business or if you have multiple websites that you manage. If you only have one website and do not plan on providing SEO services to others this route is probably not ideal considering the time involved to make it successful.

Option 2: Find a Professional SEO Guide

This is the ideal option for most people who want to start internet marketing on their own, learn more about the industry, and yet not invest a considerable amount of time in the project. There are several SEO consultants who would be happy to guide you along the way and assist you in creating a successful online campaign. With this option you will not have to learn everything on your own but will have an experienced professional at your side to assist you in creating a successful campaign. The most difficult aspects of SEO could be handled by your consultant while you could manage SEO implementation.

For example your consultant could assist you in developing a keyword phrase list, sample methods of finding link partners, guidelines for using title, alt, heading, bold, internal link, and meta tags. After you have finished working on a few key pages you could request your consultant review your work and give you further suggestions. At first you will probably rely heavily on your consultant for advice but as time goes on your reliance on your consultant will diminish as you become more affluent in SEO practices and techniques. Another important service your consultant should provide is monthly or weekly progress reports. They will most likely have access to software that will enable them to generate reports such as rankings, keyword phrases, incoming link, and others. Consultants can usually provide other valuable insights to help your business succeed online on subjects such as PPC, conversion, usability, professional image, email campaigns, banner advertising, and other online marketing options.


Although this method will require some investment on your end it is far less expensive than a full-service SEO package and over time the cost will diminish as you become adept at SEO yourself.

How to Decide which Option is Best

When deciding between these two options the most relevant question to ask yourself is how much time do you have to invest in SEO. Through experience I would estimate that having an SEO consultant at your side will reduce the time you need to invest in your SEO project by about 50-75%. You must also determine how competitive your industry is. The difference between a national web hosting company and a local pest control company can play a huge factor in how much time will be required to be successful. Whichever path you choose as long as you are dedicated and determined you will succeed!

Be “A Rockstar” in YOUR Profession !!

Bridget Schlattner

Major Google algo update is coming !

Major Google algo update is coming.Get your site ready for Penguin 2.0
a few weeks left to get your site ready for Penguin 2.0.

Another version of Google’s major Penguin update is coming in weeks.
That’s now officially confirmed, so you have to get your website ready.

When launched last time, the update affected not only black-hat,
but also legitimate sites, with many of them unable to recover their
rankings even now.

And as the new update is said to be even harder, we recommend you
follow these 8 steps to make sure your site goes through the new
wave of Penguin unaffected:

Save your rankings in the coming Penguin 2.0

First and foremost, Penguin update combats spammy and low-quality backlinks.

The new Penguin version is expected to use even more sophisticated techniques
to spot spammy links in your backlink profile, so even if your backlinks seem
quite OK for Google right now, you’d better run another thorough audit before
Penguin 2.0 arrives.

So the first thing to do now is to analyze your site’s backlinks, identifying
any potentially spammy links and getting rid of them before the update.

The basic rule here is to avoid backlinks that come from sites built exclusively
for the purpose of SEO.

Use overly-optimized anchor text come from adult or other “bad neighborhood” websites.
Come from sites that are irrelevant to your own.

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Using the Law of Attraction To Attract More Money into YOUR Life!!!

Did you know that more people become millionaires faster than ever before?

But why are so many people burdened down with financial problems? Why are so many people experiencing a lack of money on the other hand? The reason is the Law of attraction. Most people do not know about this universal Law of Attraction.

But it is true whatever situation you may find yourself in, is because the way things are working in this universe. You may have attracted debts into your life on an unconscious level. True nobody desires to have money problems – but the way we think about money conscious or unconsciously will bring us the matching results.

So here is how you can start in the right direction by attracting more money into your life.

You must be new here

It is not always necessary to get more employment and work extra hours to have more money. To attract more money into your life starts with the way you think about money.

You may think that you never will be a rich person no matter what, or you may think that rich people must be doing something wrong to get the kind of money they have. Some people think if they just have enough to pay their bills is good enough for them.

Everything in nature however is plentiful. There is enough for everybody to live the life they desire. It is not only there for a few it is whatever you are making out of it. The secret is inside of you. Whatever you are thinking you are creating. This can happen knowingly or unknowingly. Our subconscious mind has been programmed from a very early age on. Many times we are not even aware of the way we think about money. We may have heard phrases like for example: “The root of all evil is the desire of money, or this person is filthy rich, or rich people are crooks, we a re not the Rockefellers” and so on.

It is important therefore first to change the way we are thinking about money in order to attract more into our life.
You can make a list for example and write down all the good things money can do for people. Think how money has helped people after natural disasters to rebuild their homes and lives. How many people are helped everyday because of hospitals that are only possible because there was money to build them.
Many children are saved every day because there is money to help. So there
are literally thousands of ways to help people because of money. So money
does a lot of good in this world. We are living in a World surrounded by wealth.

After finishing your list you can use this list and read over it a few times per week to remember that money is good and it is an exchange for value. There is nothing wrong with having money. Only a person that has can contribute to others.

As you train your mind to change the way you think about money you can use affirmations that are positive and that will help you to attract more money with the Law of Attraction.

Here are just a two examples of what you could say when doing your affirmations:

I attract money into my life, money is good and I am a money magnet. Mney flows to me from everywhere. Important is you BELIEVE what you are telling your subconscious mind. The Law of Attraction works with emotions. You need to feel good and tell yourself you are surrounded by wealth. Look at the beautiful things ou have in you life and let the Universe know you appreciate them very much.

Remember the Law of Attraction will respond to feelings and vibrations. If you feel good it increases your vibration, which tells the Universe what you desire. If always attract what you think about – You are in control of your thought and your Life –
Attract the money that you want into your life with the power of your feelings and thinking and let the Law of Attraction to their magic. Don’t make the mistake to tell the Universe how you would you like to get your desire. Remember, your mind and vision shown as only 5% of what happen – 95% is off your radar screen – and that is where the Universe is doing the magic.

To Your Success,

Bridget Schlattner

Part 2: What Do You Know About SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO)  is the latest industry to hit the news, and is a rapidly growing sector. In depth knowledge in this area opens the door to you either sourcing out your skills to business in order to help them increase their online presence, or using them to promote your own website. Thankfully this sometimes complicated process has become a lot easier to master due to a variety of SEO Courses and information becoming available to the general public.

Out Sourcing – Depending on the keyword you have decided to optimize for, it could be extremely easy or extremely difficult to achieve high rankings. For a non-competitive keyword, relatively few back links and optimization factors will be needed and you will probably find it quite easy to manage a successful SEO campaign all by yourself. However for the more competitive keywords, which are often the most profitable ones, ranking high will be very difficult.

For the more competitive keywords, one may need to consider outside help to build your pages search engine ranking and traffic. There are a few different options to consider here, such as purchasing the SEO services of an experience practitioner, or purchasing targeted traffic for your websites niche. Moreover there are many other forms of advertising on the internet available for you to try out, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort to find them. We will go through the various options available to you to increase the traffic to your website.

SEO Companies – If you find that either SEO is too technical for you, or your efforts have not born any fruit then it may be time to consider handing it over to a professional search engine optimization firm. There are many different companies out there working with a lot of websites to achieve better rankings for their customers and you can definitely benefit from their resources.

They achieve better rankings for your website through the same techniques you could implement yourself, but at greater efficiency and with far less time invested on your part. There are many companies offering these services and some are far more successful than others. It is an absolute necessity that any company you choose to purchase SEO services from offers a full money back guarantee, if they don’t offer it then do not go near them. Sadly there are no free options in this category, as no one will do SEO work on your website for free as it is just too time consuming to do even to build up company image.

Targeted Traffic – Another option available to internet promoters who have not found success with search engine optimization would be to purchase targeted traffic. This is when a company who owns a large amount of expired domains sends the traffic to your website for a fee. Depending on the quality of the traffic this can be very lucrative but this is one area which contains far more rip off merchants than honest ones.

Often times you will buy a traffic package and the company will send your site X amount of both hits which will mean your site will register a lot of visits but as none of them are actual people you will obviously receive no sales or revenue of any kind. The upside of this all is that targeted traffic is an instant solution to visitor numbers, and the relatively low cost ( $20-$60 for 5k to 10k visitors) it is not a huge outlay to experiment with a few companies and see which ones work for you.

One traffic seller I most definitely do not recommend is one called They have very attractive prices, and so we took a test run of 5000 visitors. On one of our websites known to convert visitors to sales, not one of those 5000 visitors made a purchase. So it makes you wonder whether any real human visitors were delivered to our site. As stated earlier though, the cost to test a company’s traffic is so small that it won’t hurt the bank if you do encounter a few duds. The thing about this kind of traffic is it’s never going to be as targeted as regular search engine traffic so you won’t be able to convert at 1/110 like you would normally. You might get one sale for every 500 or so visitors they send you, but that can still turn profitable depending on the items you sell.

Traffic Exchanges – As we all know, a budget is a very important thing when starting a business or trying to turn a profit. A free method of generating more traffic would obviously be a godsend to most websites out there. So it’s quite a good thing that these kinds of programs exist and are proving quite successful.

Traffic exchange networks work by either you viewing ads and in doing so earning your own ads some viewing time on their networks, or getting a visitor to your site for every one sent to another site in the network. Both methods can work very well if implemented correctly and are great sources of free traffic. Though it sounds too simple this method has been working for many people for a long time.

It’s also a great way to test out new products as the audience is there waiting for you. Many traffic exchanges work free of charge so you have nothing to lose by testing them out.

Purchasing Ad Space – When considering purchasing ad space, so many people jump straight onto Google Adwords and start shelling out money. The fact of the matter is paying per click will always be a low margin game, meaning you have a great chance of making nothing at all or even losing money. Moreover Google’s cost per click does seem to be a little extreme at times, though that is probably because so many people advertise there that it drives the price into orbit.

A better option is to purchase adverts which will be displayed for a set period of time regardless of the amount of people who click on them. As long as the price is right this can be a very profitable way of going about your internet promotion. Buying advertising space based on the length of time your ad will be displayed is by far the best method for a new business, and search engines such as ExactSeek supply exactly this. Just Google ExactSeek and check out their paid inclusion program, which is a far better option than most pay per click programs.

All In One SEO Pack

To YOUR Success,

Bridget Schlattner

Part 1: What Do You Know About SEO ?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the latest industry to hit the news, and is a rapidly growing sector. In depth knowledge in this area opens the door to you either sourcing out your skills to business in order to help them increase their online presence, or using them to promote your own website. Thankfully this sometimes complicated process has become a lot easier to master due to a variety of SEO Courses and information becoming available to the general public.

One such way to gain this information is through various e-books which are available all over the internet if you have the time to look for them. A quick search for seo e-books on Google will bring a large number of results, and many are distributed free of cost. The best bet is to download every one you can find and have a read through them all. Once you gain a general understanding of SEO and its various methods you can then make a more qualified decision as to whether you need to make purchases of e-books for more information or if you think you have the handle of it already. This is most definitely the place to start though as it is a low cost way of getting a feel for the industry.

Once you’ve read through the available literature you’ll want to get started on actually promoting your website and moving up the rankings. The e-books will explain the various methods required to achieve better rankings, through link building and other methods.

All these things can be done by hand although it will become very time consuming and tedious, if you wish to build enough links to rank well for profitable keyword terms. Therefore many internet marketers turn to SEO software to automate the process and give them more time to work on the content of their site rather than promotion. These software programs can automatically email link requests, check your back links, find out which keywords will work best for you and every other task connected to SEO.

All In One SEO Pack

There are many different programs out there to help you optimize and promote your website and most of them offer a free trial. Therefore it’s not hard to just look around downloading the different trial programs and testing them out until you find one you like. It must be said though that a good SEO program is a must if you want to streamline your online promotion as it will cut through the grunt work, leaving you more time to use your mind creatively to build better websites and plumb new markets.

Ok you have been shown the do it yourself alternatives to taking an SEO course, and the best ways to learn SEO at your own pace. If you still want to take an SEO course, and there are many reasons to do so, such as if it was required by your place of employment or you want to have a certificate to show potential employers, then there are some good courses out there. ‘

Your typical SEO course should be up to date with current algorithm theories and make sure you get a solid guarantee so if the course doesn’t live up to expectations you won’t be out of pocket. Most SEO Courses out there are far more expensive than just getting an e-book and some software and learning for yourself, which many consider to be the best option. So it might be an idea to do a smaller course first and see if you enjoy learning that way before shelling out for the major courses. It is hoped that you find something suitable to your situation as there is a wealth of choice out there.

This has been up until now a general outline of all the different ways you can become competent in search engine optimization and be able to handle your internet marketing yourself. Now there will be a summary of what to do if you find it hard to get a handle on the techniques involved, or if you just find it plain boring and would rather spend your time doing something else.

To YOUR Success,

Bridget Schlattner

Part 2: Steps to Manifesting Financial Abundance!

The Universe wants you to be financially free and abundant in all areas of your life. It  is always supporting you in making this a reality. So it really doesn’t matter how the economy is doing, or how long you’ve been struggling financially, it’s more about the energy and vibration you’re sending out into the Universe today!

In Part 2  for Manifesting Financial Abundance we are talking about:

4. Take Massive Inspired Action
The Law of Attraction applies to your physical actions as well as to your emotional and mental state of being. Every action you take sends out an energetic vibration into the world.The higher your energy vibration toward our desire – the faster is the manifestation.

This energeticvibration is directly linked to the types of things you manifest or don’t manifest into your life. When you take actions from an inspired thought, you send out positive expansive energy which magnetizes even more of what you desire. Engaging in consistent inspired actions throughout your day will create a momentum of powerful manifesting energy, which will quickly materialize into the financial abundance you desire.

So today, take a moment to tune into your heart and mine and find out what it is really excited and inspired to do! Realize how your Emotional Guidance System react to it. If you feel good you be right on target to manifest your desire. Start with that first action step that truly inspires you , and then add on another one. You will soon see an inspired momentum of energy take over you which will catapult you forwarded into the financial abundance you are seeking.

5. Let go of Attachment to the Outcome of your Actions
The golden secret to manifesting financial success is gently holding your attention on the FEELING of receiving financial abundance. Let the Universe work on HOW it will happen. The idea of needing financial abundance means that it’s not available here now and implies to the Law of Attraction that your are NOT wanting it.

When you take actions from an inspired place AND are detached from any outcome, you allow the Universe to completely and utterly support your manifestation. You stop hoping that your inspired actions create future outcomes and are truly ENJOY your life here now. This makes you into a Manifesting Magnet! Detachment enables you to be fully open and receptive, which in turn attracts new opportunities and people to you. So just have fun taking inspired actions, and see what amazing surprises the Universe will send your way!

You can manifest total financial freedom in your life!  Learn how to attract your greatest possible  income faster and easier by reprogramming your mind for success.  With our manifesting technology everything will shift for you!  Just by listening to the Guided Manifesting Money Meditations will instantly help you start attracting the financial abundance that you deserve!


If you are financially struggling and your goal is building your network marketing business you really need to consider growing an email marketing list full of targeted prospects. All of the network marketing millionaires you have heard of have huge email marketing lists
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